Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back by popular demand, come and meet Bruins captain, Zdeno Chara, team president Cam Neely and Milan Lucic

Clearly and justifiably the Patriots are the hot interest sports topic in New England.  The 5th superbowl appearance in 10 years should garner that attention.  However, we cannot forget that Boston's most recent championship came from the Boston Bruins.  Bruin player appearances have occurred often in the past 3-4 months and the demand on some is still incredibly high.  Therefore, to meet that demand New England Picture company and sureshot promotions have teamed up again to offer fans the opportunity to meet and acquire an autograph from Milan Lucic,  Zdeno Chara and Cam Neely. 

Chara is the current team captain and was a key player in last season's championship run.  Lucic is a very popular current Bruin known for his speed and fighting.  Cam Neely is currently the Bruin's team president and played his hall of fame career for the Bruins in the late 80's and early 90's before he stopped due to injury. 

The information for the appearances is below.

No Refund will be given on Tickets - If you do not show during signing times.
 ALL SALES FINAL. One Ticket required per Autograph.

You will receive an order confirmation in your email. Please print and bring that confirmation to pick up your tickets the day of the show. Thank You!

Pricing for Chara starts at $59 for regular items and $79 for premium items.


New England Picture Store
(2nd level next to Nordstroms)
South Shore Plaza, Braintree, MA

Neely Pricing starts at $39 for regular items and $49 for premium items.


Lucic pricing starts at $49 for regular items and $69 for premium items.

All sales are final.  As always - one ticket is required per autograph ...
Monday February 27, 2012
6:30PM - 8:30 PM
Location TBD
For more information please check the following websites:

Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Year's Resolution, Time to Organize, Time to Refresh

Most people I know start every January with a New Year's Resolution.  Some friends I know want to exercise more, hope to lose weight, or commit to saving money.  While I wish to also meet those expectations, I thought of a resolution that can be a win-win for myself, my family, and local groups looking to raise money.

In late December I was cleaning my collectible room, which is also our family room and daughter's play room.  As I was cleaning and organizing my autographs, I realized 2 things:
1.  I need a larger room.
2.  I need to refresh the displays with updated items and photos.

I noticed that I had baseballs displayed of players that mean nothing to me, I had photos of players that are no longer in professional sports, I had plenty of current player items that were hidden (ie, Current Bruins and Celtics Items).  So it was time to re-organize, update and purge.

The first thing I accomplished was cleaning of the current items and replacing of outdated items. This was easy because I had frames in which I can easily switch photos, ball cubes for the newest baseballs and labels so I could easily identify the autograph.  The frames I purchased were the Format brand which are usually $5 and under at stores such as Michaels, Walmart and Target.  Format frames have easy to pop glass and only need a small nail to hang.  Ball cubes of all sizes can be found at sporting good stores (Dick's sells them starting at $3.99.)  I highly recommend investing in any type of label maker which can be found at any office supply store. 

Ray Allen autographed photo in 8x10 format frame.

Labeled autographed baseballs in cubes
 The second thing I accomplished was create shelf space by taking down and separating items by what i want to store and what I want get rid of.  By doing this I added about 20 square feet of shelf space, to which I created more room for new bobblehead dolls and of course Bruins Stanley Cup autographed pucks. 

New shelf space for Bruins Autographs
As I was purging items I categorized them into 2 areas.  The keep, but store pile and the give away or sell pile.  While I sell a very small portion of my autographs, I do offer many up as donations to non profit organizations that are hosting fundraisers in the form of silent auctions, etc....  This is always a win-win for all involved.  So take some to time to organize, refresh and prioritize what you want and need, and guaranteed you'll feel accomplished and maybe a little heavier in the wallet.

Come and meet, AFC champion, Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski Autographed First NFL Touchdown 11x14 Photo
Congratulations to the AFC champion, New England Patriots!!!!  For the 5th time since the 2001 season the Patriots will be appearing in the Super Bowl.  This means one thing, possibly another championship for a New England team.  With the possibility of another championship, that also means for 2 weeks we'll hear about all the hype and the dissection of every active player on the roster.

One player Patriots fans have grown to love is tight end Rob Gronkowski.  His record setting season has propelled him to one of the most popular Patriots behind Tom Brady.  He is very popular with all the diehard Patriot fans and all females. 

With that said, now is your chance to meet him.  New England Picture and Sure Shot promotions have scheduled a public appearance with Rob Gronkowski for the 2nd Monday after the Patriot's season is complete, which now will be on Monday February 13th (PLEASE CHECK WEBSITES BELOW FOR EXACT TIME AND DATE). 

From personal experience I'm telling to pre-purchase your tickets now.  This will sell out regardless of the outcome of the SuperBowl.  And if the Patriots win, you will lose out on an opportunity to meet him if you do not pre-purchase now.

His pricing is great.  The charge for one autograph is $59 or $79 depending on the item you have signed.  Inscriptions are $20.  This price will increase after February 13th, guaranteed and unlikely to ever be this low again.

The location is La Carreta Mexican Restaurant
35 Manchester Rd., Derry, NH
(Hannaford Plaza, across from Wal-Mart)

The time is scheduled for 7pm - 8:30pm. 

For more information check www.newenglandpicture.com or sureshotpromotions.com.