Sunday, November 11, 2012

Make your own memorabilia.

Most sports autograph collectors know what they want signed by athletes.  The most commonly signed items are jerseys from the home team, maybe a piece of equipment (ie. bat, helmet, ball), and by far the cheapest item, a licensed photo.  However, it's rare,but fun when you you come across a home made or unique item.  It doesn't take much to create such items, just a bit of time and creative thinking. 

Items I've seen signed in the past few years include custom made tables with pieces of stadiums as legs or the top.  Custom clocks made from stadium signage.  I have a friend who produces miniature green monsters of Fenway Park.  There are lots of neat ideas out there.

One thing I recently had made was a canvas print of my published photo of Fenway's green monster.  I've had about 15 former Red Sox players autograph it and almost all of them asked where it came from and who took the photo.  It is a definite conversation piece among players and friends.  I am proud of this photo because it was taken about 12 years ago on a 35mm camera.  It also is a picture of the wall before all the current advertising was added.  I've made other canvasses of this photo to offer as gifts to people. 

My personal canvas autographed by many great Red Sox, including Jim Rice, Carlton Fisk and Pedro Martinez.

A great benefit of getting this autographed is that it is considered a flat item, therefore will always come in at the lowest price point to add an autograph.  Very much a win-win for me and my collection.

So look around your house, see what you have, and figure out how you can create the next unique conversation piece.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Jeff Green and Jared Sullinger Public Appearance

It's rare to be able to meet one Boston Celtic on a particular day, so when an opportunity to meet two simultaneously arises, Celtic fans should take advantage.  Thanks to New England Picture Company and Sure shot Promotions, fans can meet both Jeff Green and Jared Sullinger in late November.  Come see these future Celtic stars at a fantastic price.   Both of them combined, cost less than one Rajon Rondo autograph. I'm confident that as the season progresses, Green and Sullinger's stock will rise as well as their autograph price.  I remember when Rondo's price was $29 an autograph as a rookie and regretting not taking advantage of that price then.  Don't make the mistake I did and miss out on 2 players at $29 each now.

You can check the following websites for more information: