Sunday, May 27, 2012

Anniversary presents, that diamond in the rough.

As I was recently searching for autograph merchandise on different websites, I came across one site in which they were selling a number of different commemorative baseballs for 2012.  The 100 year Fenway ball was number listed first as was the 2012 All star game ball.  Then as I looked down the page I noticed balls that are being used in various other stadiums to commemorate other anniversaries. 

The list of anniversary balls are as follows:
1.  New York Mets - 50th Anniversary of Mets franchise
2.  LA Dodgers - 50th Anniversary of Dodger Stadium
3.  Baltimore Orioles - 20th Anniversary of Camden Yards
4.  Houston Astros - 50th Anniversary of Astros franchise

Official 2012 LA Dodger Stadium 50th Anniversary Rawlings Baseball
Dodger Stadium 50th anniversary ball.

Official 2012 Houston Astros 50th Anniversary Baseball
Houston Astro 50th Anniversary Ball

These items will provide great opportunities to add some unique collectible items to your collection.  For instance, having a famous Dodger such as Sandy Koufax (He will be the most challenging) or Tommy Lasorda autograph the Dodger Stadium ball will be extremely valuable, especially with a unique inscription such as years active with the team.

Other player ideas include, Nolan Ryan and Craig Biggio for the Houston Astros.  Cal Ripken or Eddie Murray for the Baltimore Orioles, and Tom Seaver or Mookie Wilson for the New York Mets.  Or for the die hard fan, an autograph of your favorite players, that might not be a hall of famer will add so much more to that sentimental collection.

To purchase these balls you can check the individual team websites, or  Prices on the creative sports website will come in at $20 a ball, and the more you order the cheaper they are.  Individual team websites will price these items at $30 and up per ball.  And as I look at it, this is truly a great diamond in the rough to give as an anniversary present.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Will Middlebrooks, Jarrod Saltalamacchia public Appearance

To date, 39 different people have appeared in a game for the Boston Red Sox this season.  Due to the host of injuries, a top Sox prospect (Will Middlebrooks) has had an opportunity to play and shine, quickly becoming a fan favorite.  Additionally, after a full year in a Sox uniform, Saltalamacchia has consistently raised his performance both offensively and behind the plate.  Both have become mainstays in the starting line up and are 2 bright spots in this early part of a frustrating season.

Will Middlebrooks at bat

As I consistenly preach, when you have the opportunity to meet a young rising star, take advantage of it.  The opportunity to meet these 2 budding stars will come upon us.  New England Picture Company and Sure Shot Promotions will be hosting a public appearance for Will Middlebrooks, and Jarrod Saltalamacchia on  June 23rd, 2012.

File:Jarrod Saltalamacchia 2011.jpg
Jarrod Saltalamacchia warming up.

Pricing for this event is fantastic.  You can purchase individual tickets at $39 for any item or purchase a super ticket which is only $59 for both players.  I guarantee by this time next year, a Will Middlebrooks autograph will cost $65 or more and if Jarrod continues his consistent good play, he will also be above $65 at this time next year.  So, take advantage now, of this great offer.

Information for this event is below: