Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Rankings Are Out.

One of my favorite aspects of collecting autographs is having the inevitable conversation with a stranger in a line or at an sporting event about who signs and who doesn't.  Who is rude and polite?  Who signs a great autograph and who scribbles.  I probably have this conversation about 40 times a year and I always learn something new about an athlete or celebrity and their signing habits.

With that said, I thought it was time for me to release my rankings of such topics.  As I've said before, all my autograph experiences have an individual story.  So these rankings are from my own experience and my own observations.  All of these experiences occurred at a sport venue or an athlete's workplace.

I have 7 categories that I will list.  The first player listed is the best or worst of that respective list.  Everyone after that is listed in no particular order.

Category #1:  I have always witnessed these retired players sign autographs when requested.  In my opinion, you couldn't have even tried to miss these players signing.
Johnny Pesky
Nomar Garciaparra
Dwight Evans
Rick Dempsey
Phil Niekro
Luis Tiant
Rafael Palmeiro
Kevin Millar
Bill Mueller
Bob Feller

Category #2:  I have always witnessed these current players sign autographs when requested.  In my opinion, you couldn't have even tried to miss these players signing.
Vernon Wells
Josh Hamilton
Roy Halladay
Carlos Gonzales
Chris Carpenter
Jack Wilson
Matt Holliday
Bronson Arroyo
Chipper Jones
David Murphy
Eric Hinske
Eric Chavez
Todd Helton
Doug Mientkiewicz

Category #3:  These players used to sign all the time and since 2007 I have not seen them sign any items when asked.
Jacoby Ellsbury
Mark Teixeira
Jason Varitek
Alex Rodriguez
Dustin Pedroia
Albert Pujols
Jonathan Papelbon
Hanley Ramirez
Manny Ramirez
David Ortiz

Category #4:  These folks will sign once in a while, and when they choose to take time to sign, they will sign for about 40-50 people.
Mariano Rivera
Pedro Martinez
Frank Thomas
Keith Foulke
Dave Roberts
Joba Chamberlain
Carl Crawford
Aaron Hill
Lyle Overbay
Ubaldo Jimenez

Category #5:  I have never seen these folks sign autographs when requested.  Most of these athletes won't even acknowledge the fans when request signatures.
Ken Griffey Jr.
Curt Schilling
Josh Beckett
Derek Jeter
Roger Clemens
Tim Wakefield
Eddie Murray
Fransicso Rodriguez
David Wells
Andy Pettitte
Randy Johnson

Category #6:  These athletes have the best quality autographs.  Every letter is spelled out and written clearly.
Mariano Rivera
Carl Yastrzemski
Andre Dawson
Dom Dimaggio
Jarrod Saltalamacchia
Bobby Richardson
Bill Mazeroski
Gordy Howe
Harmon Killebrew
Rodrigo Lopez
Adam Vinatieri
John Havlicek
Sam Jones

Gordie Howe, Dom Dimaggio, Carl Yastrzemski, Rodrigo Lopez, Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Andre Dawson signed items.
Category #7:  These folks have the messiest autographs.  Usually have to label the item as soon as it's signed so I don't forget who signed it. 
Pumpsie Green
Rajon Rondo
Manny Ramirez
Robert Parish
Josh Hamilton
Chris Carpenter
Dustin Pedroia
Ryan Kalish
Jonathan Papelbon

Manny Ramirez, Robert Parish, Pumpsie Green, Ryan Kalish and Chris Carpenter signed items.  Can you guess the correct signatures?

If you have a different experience or want to add to these lists please comment below. 

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