Friday, July 29, 2011

Use Tuff Stuff to answer the Tough Questions

I was recently at a retail bookstore and I was browsing the antique/collectible section.  Of course there were plenty of books on collecting many items such as sport cards, antiques, coins, stamps, toys (I have to admit I liked the 80's toy book) etc..  Much to my dismay, I could not find a single book on autograph collecting.  I was pretty shocked considering the market for autographs of any kind is so large.  So this made me think, how do I track the value of my collection?  Where did I learn some of my tricks from?  How did I learn the difference between regular and premium items?  I certainly remember looking this all up in books, not too long ago.

So I did the famous google search and I found what I was looking for; The Tuff Stuff website.  Tuff Stuff is incredibly useful and fun for any sports card or autograph collector.  You will find everything you need to know via their website, magazine subscription program or from their books link.  Their magazines are great as you will find updated sport card information.  Dates for autograph signings around the country are usually in the publications.  Trends in collecting are written about regularly.  However, what I find most useful are the tidbits on autograph values.  Their magazines and books will explain everything you need to know to grade and assign a value to your pieces.  Very useful if you ever needed to have it appraised or insured.

So check out and find the answers to the tough questions.

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