Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Heat of a Texas Autograph

For all of my Texas readers, and in recognition of your hottest summer in 40 years, this entry is for you.  As I am watching the Rangers game tonight I started thinking. "One aspect of my collection I'm missing, are autographs from famous Texas personalities, athletes and politicians".  In fact, as I started walking around my room I started to realize what I had ( Texas Natives; Roger Clemens, Josh Beckett, and Clay Buchholz) and  current Rangers David Murphy and Josh Hamilton. That is all. 

Roger Clemens Signed Baseball
 So I started making my hottest Texas athlete, personality, or native autograph wish list:

1.  Larry Hagman: Who wouldn't want an autographed photo of JR.  I'm sure I can find an authentic one on EBAY or from dealers in Texas.
2.  Any Dallas Cowboy:  We don't see the cowboys signing autographs in New England, but when I see any Cowboy is making an appearance around the country they are very popular and expensive.
3.  Nolan Ryan:  His autograph is one of the hardest to acquire in baseball.  He rarely signs and when he does he does it in a limited fashion.
4.  Either of the George Bush's, Lyndon Johnson and Dwight Eisenhower:  Presidential autographs are always valuable and generally rare.  Despite their issues in office, I'd be thrilled to have something signed from any of them.  (Their autographs are not as hard to get as everyone thinks).
5.  Jerry Jones:  NFL owners rarely sign autographs and are generally not worth it, but getting one from the most charismatic owner in sports is.  He truly is the heart of the Cowboys and would be a great addition for any collector.
6.  Dirk Nowitzki, David Robinson and Tim Duncan:  They brought NBA championships to their respective Texas cities and almost never make autograph appearances.  They are equal to Boston's Larry Bird, Paul Pierce, and Kevin McHale in terms of basketball autograph rarity and popularity.
7.  For you wrestling fans, nobody can beat the popularity of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Undertaker and the showstopper Shawn Michaels.  These two ruled wrestling in the 90's and are amongst the hardest wrestler autographs to acquire.

On the honorable mention list are:
Craig Biggio
Dennis Rodman
Tom Kite
Ben Hogan
George Gervin
Labonte Brothers

Hopefully, in the near future, I'll acquire some of these and make sure Texas is better represented in a cool and comfortable Massachusetts home.

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