Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tim Wakefield, What is he worth???

Since 1995 Tim Wakefield has been a fixture with the Boston Red Sox.  #49 has been worn by the same man, known for throwing the dancing and unpredicatable knuckleball.  Throughout his career he was loyal to his "Team First" approach.  He is a fan favorite and other than never knowing what to expect from one of his appearances, very few people complained about him.  I know in my circle of friends, we were always excited to see him pitch in person, because that almost always meant a quick game would be played.

Tim holds many Red Sox pitching records.  He is first in innings pitched with over 3000, he faced 12971 batters, over 1500 more than Roger Clemens.  He started more games than any other Red Sox Pitcher with 430.  He is second in Red Sox history with 2046 strikeouts, and 186 wins. 

He had a huge impact on various Red Sox playoff runs, and was vital in the 2004 MLB playoffs.  He appeared in 4 games during that playoff run and went 1-0.  He threw out the first pitch of the 2004 world series. 

So what does this all mean in collectible world?  To be honest not much.  A Tim Wakefield autographed photo or baseball is worth $50, authenticated.  Maybe $75 on a 2004 world series ball or other item if it's inscribed with "world series champ", "reverse the curse" or the "date of the 1st pitch".  He will be no more popular than Trot Nixon or Ellis Burks.  Very much a fan favorite, but just above average in the history of major league baseball players.
Tim Wakefield autographed 2004 World Series baseball.

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