Friday, April 6, 2012

My photo made the cover of a book!!!!

Front cover of the book Fantography

Before I started collecting autographs, my biggest hobby was to photograph my favorite players, and parts of any ballpark I visited.  I then started to print my photos into 8x10 size and have players autograph them.  I still do that today, but not at the same quantity I once did 4-8 years ago.  It was always a "high" to have a conversation with the players about the photos they were autographing.  It was even more special when players asked me for copies of my photos for their families.  That was always an honor.

My photo of Manny Ramirez that he autographed.

I just had a new positive and exciting experience with one of my photos.  About 2 years ago I submitted about 10 photos to a person named Andy Strasberg.  He was compiling a collection of baseball fan photos and stories top publish a book.  Earlier this week, I received a copy of the book.  Much to my amazement my photo of Fenway Park's green monster was on the back cover.  Then as I flipped through the book, the same photo was used to highlight the beginning of chapter 7 titles, Scoreboards and Signage.
My photo of Red Sox legend Johnny Pesky.

The name of this book is Baseball Fantography.  So if you are a true baseball fan, please take a look at this book on and consider buying it.  It's completely written and photographed from the regular fan's perspective.  I guaranteed, pleasant reading experience for the true fan.

The back cover of the book has my photo of the green monster on it.

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