Friday, August 10, 2012

Ticket Stubs

As I was cleaning out a closet recently, I came across my ticket stub storage box.  I have stubs in this box dating back to events/movies I attended in the early 80's, through baseball games I attended this week.  Other than meandering down memory lane or recalling specific moments from these events, I started to think about what to do with these.

Sample of my different ticket stubs.

So I came up with the following:

1.  Place them in an album in plastic pages sorted by year.  It could become a great coffee table type of item and a great conversation piece when you have company over.
2.  Get the stubs autographed by someone who participated in the event.
3.  For significant or history making events, get them framed.
4.  Separate tickets by entertainment events (Ie, sport events, concerts, movies, theatre) and display in an album.
5.  Hang all ticket stubs randomly on a cork board in your work space.

Ticket stub from Jon Lester's no hitter framed with an autographed ball from Jon.

Ticket stubs from Hideo Nomo's no hitter with accompanying photo of last out.

I think ticket stubs are worth keeping and if possible autographed.  I also think they're value to having a ticket stub, instead of the current print yourself tickets you can access online.  They can become a great keepsake for younger people in your family to look at and understand what was happening in our lives.

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  1. I collected Felix hernandez Game played Tickets, If you have attend any baseball games in which the Mariners played, and that I might be able to get the tickets from you, let me know....I can SASE, trade something for them or even pay some $$$