Sunday, October 21, 2012

Welcome back to Boston, John Farrell

The Red Sox announced today that John Farrell was hired as the next manager.  He will be the 3rd Sox manager in 3 years.  He pitched for the Cleveland Indians, Anaheim Angels and Detroit Tigers.  He was the pitching coach on the Sox when they won the World Series in 2007, then for the past 2 seasons was manager of the Toronto Blue Jays.  So enough of his history, what my readers want to know is what is his autograph worth?

The answer is not much.  In fact, I wouldn't value him at more than $35 - $40 on any item and that is only because he was the pitching coach for a world series winning team.  That doesn't mean his autograph won't appreciate in value, but until the Sox get back into the playoffs and even win a playoff series, any manager's autograph won't be of much value to any collector.

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