Saturday, June 29, 2013

Larry Wayne Jones, #10 is retired

The Atlanta Braves did a great thing this week.  The organization retired Chipper Jones #10.  What I most appreciate about Chipper is that he played with the Braves his entire 19 year career.  In the current state of major league sports, that just doesn't happen anymore.  In baseball, Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter are most likely going to play their whole career with the Yankees, and that might be all. 

Chipper should be assured a spot in the baseball hall of fame.  He has never been accused of using PED's or steroids.  He has always remained out of trouble and is considered a hero in the Atlanta area.  His numbers are strong, as he accumulated 468 HR's and 2726 hits, both more than respectable.  He was an 8 time all star and won the national league MVP in 1999.  He appeared in 93 post season games, appeared in 3 world series and won in 1995. 

I always found him to be a great autograph signer at the ball park.  It was rare to not see him sign before a game.  I always enjoyed how we would talk to all fans with a smile and make everyone that said something to him feel unique and special with his replies. 

If you're a true fan of baseball his autograph is a must have.  If you don't have one, I recommend finding one now, before he is inducted into the hall of fame in 5 years.  His price is high and will only increase.  As 8x10 of today, an autographed 8x10 photo will run a fan about $169, balls cost about $200, then premium items start at $350 and up. 

He is making a rare public autograph appearance in Chicago the first weekend in August.  Pricing there starts at $149 and goes up from there.  If you cannot make that, I recommend ordering a piece through the mail, as you will still save money after shipping. 

My first Chipper Autograph from spring training 2002.

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