Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Big Game Merchandise

SuperBowl mania is amping up in New England this week.  Despite "Deflategate", the anticipation of this year's game is growing each day by fans and collectors.  Moreover, collectors are starting to wonder on what team signed item they'll start to gather signatures.  And as most collectors know, gathering the signatures on one item from at least 53 members of a football team is very challenging.
So here are some ideas to help you work through the challenge.

An authentic and official Superbowl football is a great way.  If you have the players sign small you can actually fit all the signatures on the 4 panels.  I recommend silver or black paint pens on footballs.  This year's SB 49 football is selling from $99-$129 on many different websites.  I also recommend having the game MVP sign an individual football with the MVP inscription.  So yes, time to purchase 2 authentic MVP footballs.

Another option, but more expensive, is a full size authentic or replica helmet.  There is definitely enough room on this item for all the signatures.  You also can pick up a SB branded helmet or your favorite team helmet.  Pricing on these helmets ranges from$99-$150 for a replica and a minimum of $200 for the authentic brand.

Smaller items include game programs, team yearbooks and mini helmets.  All of these items range in price from $15 - $30.  Generally speaking these items do not fit more than 20-25 signatures.  However, if you wanted just an item signed by positions, I recommend considering these items.  Or if you want a single signed item, or an item to be signed by the game MVP I recommend these choices.

So, as game time approaches consider these items.

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