Sunday, October 4, 2015

Baseball's 500 Home Run Club

With the recent addition of  David Ortiz to Major League Baseball's 500 Home Run club, I got thinking of some fascinating statistics regarding this rare group.  Yes it seems that since 1995, and the explosion of baseball home runs for all sorts of reasons, this newest members to the group may not be perceived as "legitimate", however an achievement is an achievement. So here is some interesting facts about this group.

When David Ortiz entered this exclusive club on September 12 he became member #27.  There have been over 16,500 professional players in the history of major league baseball.
Of the 27, 8 have passed (Ruth, Killebrew, Williams, Banks, Ott, Mathews, Foxx, Mantle)
Of the 27, 3 are still active (ARod, Ortiz, Pujols)
Of the 27, 5 are also in the 3000 hit club (ARod, Aaron, Mays, Murray, Palmeiro)
There are only 28 players in the 3000 hit club, 1 more than the 500 HR club.
Of the 27, 16 are in the Hall of Fame, those who are not include:  McGwire, Sosa, ARod, Thome, Sheffield, Pujols, Ortiz, Palmeiro, Ramirez, Griffey Jr., & Bonds.

As you know, if you've ever read my blog, you know I collect in themes.  This is a great themed group to collect.  Yes, finding a Ruth, Ott, Williams, Foxx or Mantle ball will be a challenge, unless you mortgage your house or win the lottery, but it is still worth collecting.  So keep an eye out for these living members and look for deals on the deceased guys like Killebrew, Mathews, and Banks.  They are attainable at more than fair prices.

My 500 HR club collection.

My personal favorites, of this group.

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