Saturday, January 23, 2016

Great deal on Superbowl 49 footballs

As the NFL playoffs are in full swing, and fans in Arizona, Denver, New England and Carolina are gearing up for the conference championship, Superbowl 50 is within sight.  However, before the big game on Feb. 7, I want to refer back to Superbowl 49 and the excitement that game drew, especially for those in New England.  With that win a new generation of football autograph collectors were born and new opportunities for the season collector were created.

And for all fans, the search for SB 49 merchandise and memorabilia commenced.  Fans wanted footballs, hats, tshirts, mini helmets, jerseys and photos.  By March, most of these items were bought up and hard to find.  However, for those of you still looking for items or just something to have as a keepsake, here is the deal for you.

On you can purchase authentic SB 49 footballs for just $49 with free shipping.  The retail on these balls is usually around $100-$125.  Even the white panel photo balls usually run about $50 - $75 and are nice pieces, but not main for sustained display capabilities.  The leather balls will last and highlight signatures much better over a longer length of time.  So I encourage all fans to check this out and jump on it.  Even if the ball is never signed, it is still an authentic, and valuable item from SB 49.  Great gift idea for under $50.

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