Monday, October 10, 2016

Drew Bledsoe Boston Autograph Signing

There are many New England Patriot fans who only know the history of the team to be 4 Superbowl championships, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.  While that is great, the reality is that if you were born before 1995, we only remember losing season after losing season, with some one time highlights such as Superbowl appearances in 1985 and 1996.  We remember names like Hannah, Cappelletti, Grogan, Morgan, Tippett and Nelson.  We also remember a crappy home stadium and games blacked out on local television.
Then in 1993 Bill Parcells and Drew Bledsoe came into the living room of Patriots fans.  This change with new ownership transformed the culture of the team into a winning tradition.  Bledsoe personally brought plenty of excitement (With some interception frustration) to the Patriot fan base.  Years after his retirement, true and knowledgeable fans understood and recognized the impact he made on the franchise.
For true Patriot fans, and those collectors collecting Superbowl 36 signatures, this is a great opportunity for you. Drew is making a rare public autograph appearance on
Wednesday, November 30th at the New England Picture store at Burlington Mall in Burlington, Mass..  Pricing is great for someone who makes rare appearances, as regular items are $69 per item and premium items are $89 per item.  Inscriptions are $30 per 3-4 word request.
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Hope to see you there.
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