Saturday, June 18, 2011

The "Ice" of the Moment

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Congratulations Bruins!!!!  Bringing the Stanley Cup back to Boston is such an exhilarating experience for the "die hard" Bruins fans and more broadly the city of Boston.  Reminds me very much of what the city was like back in 2004 following the Red Sox World Series win.  Everyone was happy and just wanted to party.

With the exhilaration also comes the "heat of the moment" euphoria or in this case the "danger of the ice" moment.  Meaning you must have that Stanley Cup Champion Bruin Hat, T-shirt, picture, autograph or whatever you can find that has the Bruin name and logo on it.  You seem to think you need to have it now.  Unfortunately, the business world, both legitimate and underground, are looking to take advantage of your emotions.  Yesterday I was with a friend at a well known retail location in Waltham Ma..  They had none of the licensed Bruin or Stanley Cup merchandise in stock, but they decided that the "knock Off" Bruin items could sell at $30 and up. By the way of about 20 people we saw looking at the overpriced merchandise, only one person bought an item.

So if you can be patient and wait a few weeks, merchandise, apparel and autographs will be in abundant supply and yes you can purchase the same items you would today, but save yourself about 30%.  And more importantly, save yourself from financially falling through the "Ice".

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