Friday, June 24, 2011

Stanley Cup Champion Autograph Ideas

Traditionally, the nice thing about acquiring hockey autographs is that most of the items players sign are jerseys, sticks, a photo, but mostly pucks, really simple and inexpensive.  However, when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup, many, many more choices of items became available.  They'll be collectible magazines, newspapers, ticket stubs and game used items.  Seeing that most fans will probably just want to score an autograph from their favorite player on the team, and collectors will be seeking to acquire from all 20 plus players and the coaches, I have some recommendations.

If you are going to seek out one or two players I'd go for the photo or puck.  They are inexpensive, easy to display and the ink on those items will show up well. If one of those players is Tim Thomas or Zdeno Chara I recommend purchasing the special edition Sports Illustrated with Tim Thomas on the cover, and for Chara a photo of him hoisting the cup over his head.  I'd also strongly consider a Stanley Cup game ticket stub or the white official Stanley Cup hat (if you can find it) for one of them to sign.

Items for Zdeno Chara or Tim Thomas to autograph.
 If you are seeking the whole team consider purchasing one of these items for them all to autograph.  A 16 x 20 team photo, an ash colored or black colored stick, a blank Bruin Jersey (meaning no name or number on the back) or individual pucks for each player to then get displayed in one single wall unit.  Yes they exist.

Mark Recchi, Zdeno Chara and Tim Thomas Autographed pucks.

Lastly, whatever you choose to get signed make sure you preserve it well.  Spend the extra $2-$3 for those essential protectors such as plastic cases for pucks, plastic sleeves for photos and ticket stubs, water proof bags for jerseys.  Unfortunately there are no items I'm aware of that protect sticks.

Good luck seeking out your 2011 Boston Bruin Stanley Cup Champion Autographs.

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