Monday, September 5, 2011

The political autograph!!!

For one who hates most aspects of politics, whether locally, nationally or at work; I have to say I am fascinated by the whole process.  The art of the campaign, selling your ideas, the rhetoric, not offending people and what intrigues me most, the meet and greet.  I have been fortunate to meet many, many politicians including local mayors, up to U.S. presidents and every experience has been different.

As I've been collecting autographs, it took me time and courage to ask a politician to sign an item.  For years, and this is still the case, I've collected political buttons, but never their autographs.  That changed in 2003/2004 when I met Joe Lieberman, John Edwards, John Kerry and John McCain on the presidential campaign trail in New Hampshire.  As I attended more and more functions I realized these people could some day become president and started asking for autographs.  As I researched autograph values of politicians, president or not, I quickly discovered their values are far more valuable than most athletes.  Senators and congressman are valued at about the same as top athletes, presidents about 20 - 30% more and supreme court justices about 50% higher.  Moreover, meeting people that have so much power and influence over the nation and world is what makes these experiences and signatures so valuable.

So now is the time to start visiting New Hampshire.  The presidential primary is coming up in 4 short months. and folks such as Giuliani, Romney, Perry, Paul and Bachmann will be appearing regularly in the granite state.  Most of their functions are free to the public and more often than not they will both local and national politicians there to speak on behalf of them.  Hence, how I met Bill Clinton 4 years ago at a Hillary Clinton rally.  All their appearances will posted on the individual candidate web pages. 

So bring your sharpie, a magazine or button and have it ready to be signed when they mingle with the crowd following their speeches. 

Bill and Hillary Clinton, Scott Brown autographed items.

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