Sunday, November 13, 2011

Discretion is in the hands of the signer!!!

Last week, I had the pleasure of working at the Greater Boston Sports collector's club convention/collector's show.  It was a great weekend honoring the 1986 Red Sox, baseball hall of famers Orlando Cepeda and Cal Ripken Jr, and working with some of the current Bruins. 

However, one problem that kept arising from the paying customer was the lack of cooperation from some players to inscribe special messages or noting accomplishments or items there were not authentic.  What does this mean?  Well, there was one customer who thought he had authentic game-used hockey sticks for Tim Thomas and Tyler Seguin.  However, Tyler noted those specific sticks were not used by him and that he would not inscribe them as "game used".  He inscribed them with 2011 stanley cup champs instead.  Then according to the customer they were not signed in the correct spot. 

Additionally, Rich Gedman and Wade Boggs were asked to inscribe accomplishments that they actually did not accomplish.  There were willing to add accurate information, but not something they did not complete themselves. 

So beware, players don't have to sign inscriptions at all, especially if they are not comfortable with it.  Most promoters will put a disclaimer on tickets or in signage that all signatures, inscriptions and locations of inscriptions are up to the players.  Now, this hardly seems fair, as a paying customer, but the rules are posted.  If there is a legitimate issue, the promoter will work with the agent and player to attempt to make everyone happy and maybe add a refund.  Again, this is rare, especially if a customer paid for the extra addition, but on that weekend this came up too often. 

My advice, be fair and make sure you have your facts straight on the items you have to be signed.  As happened with the Nomar signing, you really never know what you have with regards to game used items.  And with inscriptions be reasonable and keep them to a professional sport accomplishment or a simple personalization.  If you are reasonable, the player will be as well.

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