Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Voices of our Teams

For many sports fans, their home teams are identified by not only the players performing but by those broadcasting the games.  Whether it be on TV or Radio, locally or nationally, sports fans know the broadcasters.  For years, the Philadelphia Phillies had Harry Kalas, the Milwaukee Brewers have Bob Eucker, ESPN has Dick Vitale and the Dodgers have Vin Scully.  In New England we all remember Johnny Most, Curt Gowdy, Gil Santos (Just retired), Fred Cusick, Ned Martin, Bob Cousy, Joe Castiglione (Still active) and Mike Gorman (Still active) and many more.
So why don't people collect autographs for more of these well known people?  I'm not really sure. 
Most broadcasters are former and well known athletes.  Most broadcasters are a part of the team's tradition and history.  Most broadcasters are willing to sign, at least more than the athletes.  Most broadcasters don't sign often, therefore their autographs tend to be worth money, especially those on the national level. 
Although they usually work in secure locations, inaccessible to the regular fan, they are generally more accessible before and after a game.  They almost always enter or exit the venue through a public door.  And if they use a more secure door, they usually will appear in a less secure location to find their mode of transportation. Sometimes you can find these individuals on or near the field of play prior to game time, especially after they conduct their player/coach interviews. 
So if you want to start collecting unique pieces, start seeking out the broadcast team.  You will own a piece of nostalgia and history.
Autographed Harry Kallas, Curt Gowdy and Vin Scully Autographs.

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