Saturday, February 23, 2013

The original number = High Value

One afternoon last summer, I was grateful to have an opportunity to work with Red Sox 3rd baseman, Will Middlebrooks.  At that autograph signing, he was telling the volunteers & workers that after the 2012 season, his jersey number would change from 64 to 16.  That piece of inside information created quite a stir in room, as the companies involved were having many #64 jerseys autographed.  We were all asked to keep this information secret as to not hurt #64 jersey sales. 
However, I had a different take on it because I feel the first jersey a player wears for a season in the big leagues, especially an all star prospect like Middlebrooks, will be worth more in the long term.  Yes, in the short run, fans aren't likely to purchase jerseys or t-shirts with #64, but over time those jerseys will increase in value.  I say that, because when I attend silent auctions, check auction sites or retail sites for autographed jerseys, I always find the older, original jerseys have much higher value.  I'm not talking about the long term minor leaguer who have made some small appearances in the majors, but I'm talking about the future all starts and MVP's.  Most people forget that Jacoby Ellsbury once wore number 43 before changing to #2.  I saw an MLB authenticated autographed #43 Ellsbury jersey on EBAY for $300.  I completely forgot he wore that number in his first few games in the majors.  So, now is the time to invest in a #64 autographed Middlebrooks jersey.  Most places will be selling these for $75-$100. 

Will Wearing #64 in action at Fenway.

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