Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tyler Seguin Autograph appearance

Photo: Tyler Seguin is confirmed! Monday April 1st 7-8:30pm at The Arena Spots Bar and Nightclub in Nashua NH. Tickets are $59 for Flats and pucks, $79 for all other items to be signed, and $25 for inscriptions.  To get tickets anytime this weekend, you can call 603 818 2007, The Mall of NH Store at 603 624 1747 or the South Shore Plaza Braintree Store at 1 781 356 2266.  You will be able to order tickets Monday afternoon at   Hope to see you all there.

One tip I encourage all collectors, new and old, to take advantage of,  is to meet a young athlete when the opportunity presents itself.  A very large chunk of my 2000 autographs came from players in their first 2-3 seasons with a team when they are cheap and accessible. 
Collectors will be afforded this rare opportunity on April 1, 2013, when they can meet 21 year old, Boston Bruin, Tyler Seguin.  Tyler is still 3-4 years from his prime and has already had a significant impact on the Bruins, including winning the Stanley Cup.  His autograph will only become more valuable and more in demand over the next few years.  So take advantage now!!!!

The pricing for a young superstar as Tyler, is fantastic for this event.  Only $59 for regular items and $79 for premium, $25 for inscriptions.  I am telling you, fans will regret not taking advantage of this now. 

The information on location and time is below.

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