Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hall of Fame season is here!!

2014 Football Hall of Fame Nominee Jerome Bettis

I love this time of year when it comes to collecting autographs & reminiscing about watching famous athletes growing up.  You see, in 2 of the major North American sports, baseball and football, their respective hall of fames announce the new inductees for the summer.  The National Baseball Hall of fame just announced their 2014 inductees and the National Football Hall of Fame just announced their finalists. (Football will announce inductees during Super Bowl weekend).

The other nice piece is that I remember watching all of these inductees and nominees in their prime.  Moreover, based on the voting results, a collector can consider a player's status  This provides a good gauge for where the player sits in the history of the game as well as their individual autograph value. 

As I looked in my baseball collection I see that of the 6 major names being inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame I have 2 of their autographs, (Frank Thomas and Tony LaRussa).  Time to move those 2 items into my Hall of fame section.  Next year, Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez are on the ballot and I'm sure I'll be moving theirs as well.  I'm excited to think these previously acquired autographs will enhance my collection even more now.

The other reason I'm excited, is that many of these new inductees start making appearances during the winter months.  Greg Maddux is appearing in NY this week (Autographs start at $199).  Frank Thomas & Tony Larussa will be appearing in NJ a couple of weeks later (Autographs start at $99).    Hall of fame pricing stays consistent throughout the players life.  Sometimes they even increase a bit.  So take advantage of these opportunities now.

For more information on Hall of Fame Inductees click below:

Baseball Hall of Fame inductees, Frank Thomas, Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux

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