Friday, January 17, 2014

Shawn Thornton Autograph Appearance - Rhode Island

To Die Hard Bruins fans in Rhode Island this is for you.  Yes, I know you have the Providence Bruins, which is awesome and fantastic.  They are a great team, they are entertaining and many players on the roster become teammates of the person I'm featuring in the posting.  But if you want to meet a seasoned NHL veteran, a respected fighter and multi Stanley cup champion, I have great news.

Bruin enforcer and fan favorite Shawn Thornton will be appearing in Providence, Rhode Island on February 16th.  An opportunity to meet and acquire an autograph from this current Bruin is a great Valentine gift to offer to that die hard Bruin fan.  Not to mention it's occurring early in the day on a weekend and that will provide a great opportunity for families to come out.

Pricing for his autograph is fantastic.  $29 for regular items such as photos and pucks, $39 for premium such as jerseys and sticks, and $10 for inscriptions.  This is outstanding and below market for a 2 time Stanley Cup champion.  Take advantage of this opportunity.

For more information including time & Location click below:

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