Sunday, March 6, 2016

Come and Meet Celtic Legend Robert Parish

Any 80's sports fan from the Boston area could name every Boston Celtic.  It was the 80's Celtic teams who brought us championships in this New England area during that era.  They won 3 titles in 6 seasons and appeared in the finals 2 additional years.  Those of us who remember that style of basketball, viewed that as real "Team" ball, unlike what is played today.  We also know those teams were anchored by the Big 3 (Larry Bird, Robert Parish, & Kevin McHale).
Now is your chance to meet one of them.  Hall of Famer, Robert Parish, will be appearing at an outstanding price.  $39 for regular items and $49 for premium & $25 for inscriptions.  Celtic legends just don't make appearances at this outstanding price often, especially Robert, because he doesn't get to this area often.

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