Sunday, March 13, 2016

Meeting the 2016 Presidential Candidates

Living in New England provides all sorts of fun.  Of course we have our sport teams, we have an authentic 4 seasons of weather, fantastic food and in the past month politics.  In the year of a presidential election, in which the incumbent 8 year term ends, there are many candidates on both sides of the aisle.  With the state of New Hampshire hosting the first primary, and Massachusetts voting on Super Tuesday,  the opportunity to meet all the candidates in intimate settings became very possible. 
It is great to hear the stump speeches, see the candidates up close and personal, and get a sense of who might lead our country. However, for a collector as I, it became a great opportunity to acquire photos, and maybe acquire an autograph of a future president.  The intimate setting of a town hall in NH or Mass. (125 - 250 people) allows for these moments.  In a span of 8 days I saw 4 candidates, acquired many autographs, took endless photos and shook all those candidate hands.  It's an opportunity that only residents of Iowa and the New England states get, unless you are a big donor.
So in 2019/early 2020, check out the new wave of candidates (and some older ones), shake some hands and maybe get a president's autograph.

John Kasich and I and the baseball he signed for me.

Marco Rubio Signed Baseball
Ted Cruz Signed Baseball

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