Sunday, October 20, 2013

2013 World Series Autograph ideas

MLB 2013 Official World Series Cubed Baseball by Rawlings - Shop
2013 Official World Series Ball

In New England,  fans are in a frenzy about the Red Sox being in the World Series.  Stores from Dick's to the Red Sox team store are busy with fans looking to purchase ALCS and World Series gear and memorabilia.  So for those of you like me hoping to purchase autographed items or merchandise to get autographed, this is the posting for you.

For those of you looking for autographed items from members on the active playoff roster check out  They have current player autographs marked at 1/2 price which include signed balls and photos.

For those of you looking to find items for future autographs be careful what you pay for now.  The typical price of a brand new official 2013 world series ball is $20-$25 depending on where you purchase from.  Do not purchase the fake photo balls as they will not hold autographs over a long period of time.  It is worth the extra cash for the real thing.  There are many, many websites selling the official balls at a very fair price.  Anything over $25 is unreasonable and a rip off.

If you're hoping to start a team signed item here are some options:
An official WS baseball, 8x10 photo (fitting all autographs on an 8x10 will be hard) or a magazine cover, will be the most cost effective method of collecting as these are considered basic items to have signed.
A full size helmet, 16x20 photo (or larger) bat or jersey will look great and certainly have enough space for 25-30 signatures.  However, those are considered premium items and will cost 25-30% more to have signed.

In the past, I purchased a specially made bat and had the WS MVP sign it and had the team sign a WS ball.  That covered all my needs both financially as well as enhanced my collection.  So whether you are looking to start a team signed item for the Red Sox or Cardinals this season, or are looking to start a team signed item from champions in the past, spend wisely and effectively.

2004 SI team signed cover
Go Sox!!!!
2007 World Series Team signed ball

2002 World Series Team signed ball (Anaheim Angels)

2004 World Series team signed ball


Autographed WS MVP's Manny Ramirez and Mike Lowell bats from 2004 & 2007.  .

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